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Willynwood Gentle Ben

Nugent's Spanky of Our Gang Jandi's Ringo Humes Texas Jack Roll's One Eyed Jack
Roll's Comanchera
Ruffian Marechal of Har-Wyn ???
X-Pert Humes Topsy Uppies X-Pert Biff's Shadow Major Jiggs of Presque Isle
X-Pert Deep Onix
X-Pert Glamorous Goldie X-Pert Champer Boy II
X-Pert Red Midge
Willynwood Bengal Betty Willynwood Rowdy Fellow Willynwood Ronin Ruffian Hercules of Har-Wyn
Willynwood Tiger Lily
Willynwood Pamela Griffin's Lock Jaw
Willynwood Tiger Lily
Willynwood Matilda Willynwood Hardcase Topstaff Willynwood Drummer
Willynwood Pamela
Willynwood Sienna Ruffian Hercules of Har-Wyn
Willynwood Ogre's Angel