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Tippitt's Excalibur

Willynwood Snow Rocky Mt. Judge Titan's Rojo Grande Patton's Red Rock Skillet
Our Precious Beginnings
Rocky Mt. Samantha Willynwood Ogre
Rocky Mt. Bessie Lou
Willynwood Tall Cotton R & D's Boscoe The Bear Tryarr Sky King
Kingstone Silver Lady
Willynwood Dolly Nugent's Spanky of Our Gang
Willynwood Tania
Sindelar's Ruby Tryarr Diamondback Redbolt Ruffian Sky Bolt of Har-Wyn Sky King of Har-Wyn
Ruffian Cheeta of Har-Wyn
Tryarr Strawberry Fields Ruffian Red Rock of Har-Wyn
Topstaff Willynwood Goldy
Sindelar's Heide Ho Brian's Staff Heritages Satan's Delight
Luna de Plata
Mistina Kerry's Major Thor