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Sindelar's Heide Ho

Brian's Staff Heritages Satan's Delight Cox's Major Domo Kerry's Major Thor
Blazed Tigress of Ken-Lee
Heritages Roll's Summer Ipo Roll's One Eyed Jack
Roll's Comanchera
Luna de Plata Roll's One Eyed Jack El Bandido Gringo
Belle Holliday
Corvino's Sparkler Kerry's Major Thor
Corvino's Sparkett
Mistina Kerry's Major Thor May's X-Pert Peter Pan El Bandido Gringo
May's X-Pert Tinker Bell
Hundley's Al-Guy-Pat Roll's Habanero
Tequila Too
Candina The Rajah Gallant Jonny Rebel
Lou-Lin Gingerbread
Our Lady of Ridgewood Valiant's Bully
Ginger of Ridgewood